“The guy who sings rockabilly the way I love it! … Still doing the best rockabilly, roots rock-n-roll and honky tonk hillbilly on a regular basis out of all of em i’ve seen in Austin.”
– Billy Poore, Rockin’ On Forever

“With a voice that suggests Elvis, but never slavishly imitates him, Roddy has crafted an impeccably unassuming set that moves from small-combo blues to rockabilly to country.”
– Fort Worth Star Telegram

“The big voice of Teddy Roddy. It is as aggressive as a young Elvis Presley and as thunderously powerful as Sleepy Labeef”
– Macon Fry, Wavelength

“Everything you ever loved about Texas Rock and Blues!”
– Ron Young, San Antonio Express

“Pain and simple, Ted Roddy should be a major star, his rockabilly tinged country is built around his commanding voice, solid harp work and a brace of memorable songs. As a frontman he’s overflowing with charisma.”
– Chip Lamey, Roadhouse Fever

“You can’t go back to your roots, if you never left them”